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2 min readDec 20, 2021

Battle Saga — Earn without playing in a revolutionary MetaVerse.

Introducing Battle Saga :

Battle Saga is a ‘Clash of Clan’ inspired next generation strategic game that enables users to Earn-Without-Playing. It is a futuristic decentralized NFT game that aspires to provide groundbreaking gaming experiences to its users with De-Fi tools, DAO governance and above all, with its own metaverse.

Battle Saga will have two tokens, $BTL and GOLD. $BTL will be on BSC with the BEP-20 standard and it will be its Governance token. While GOLD will be its in-game token. It will also have in-game NFTs with the BEP-721 standard which will be generated on-chain. The NFTs will also have the ability to train and generate new NFTs which can be sold in the Marketplace. Users will be able to either stake or farm the NFTs and $BTL to earn in $BTL or GOLD. While GOLD can be either swapped to $BTL or could be used in the game.

Battle Saga’s team is spread across South Korea, America, Europe, Thailand and Vietnam. It is backed by a seasoned and well-known Venture Capitalist which will be announced very soon.

Battle Saga aims to be a pioneer in the gaming industry with its creative innovation and evolution in providing superior gaming experiences and gaming models. It will also collaborate with other metaverses, games and collectibles along the way. With state-of-the-art De-Fi tools and high quality metaverse, Battle Saga would also rather become a separate World of its own, or a self-sustaining Economy by itself over time, instead of only considering it as a blockchain game.

Battle Saga is going to be the next biggest blockchain metaverse game in the market and it is yet to take the Gaming industry by storm! Brace yourself and prepare to take part in building the future of Gaming metaverse.

Battle Saga Socials:

Website : https://battlesaga.io

Twitter : https://twitter.com/battlesagaio

TG Group : https://t.me/BattleSaga_Official

TG Ann : https://t.me/battlesaga_announcements



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