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2 min readDec 6, 2021

Tribe Land — First MMORPG Play-To-Earn Metaverse On Solana


Our roadmap will be divided into several phases. Each phase will have different goals. Our ultimate goal is to create a fully decentralized metaverse, where the player-base and community can have complete control over the entire operations of the game.

All in all, this roadmap will be adapted according to the developing situation. But the general idea is, it will take us 4 years to make Tribeland one of the most played Blockchain game in the space, with a fully functioned ecosystem and heavily DeFi-integrated products that help maintain the intrinsic values of our in-game assets.

Welcome to the first MMORPG Play-to-earn Metaverse on Solana, that will take players back to the land lost in time, where humankind and beasts walk the Earth together.

As a prehistoric human being, players will have the ability to conquer territories, build their own tribes, tame gigantic beasts, learn mythical spells, and most importantly, turn resources into digital assets!

Open-world game, endless exploration options for players. Tribeland’s starter continent: Pangea is filled with dangerous beasts and rare resources. A world full of mysteries and rewards awaiting for brave explorers.

MMO Role-Playing

Players will enjoy an interesting and unique role-playing experience with 4 tribes and their own quest system.

Cross-tribes system allowing endless possibilities of character development and customization.

Players will feel as though they live in a primordial world, making friends with mysterious creatures and striving to find their own way, thanks to fresh experiences in character development, training, gathering, and exploration brought by Tribeland.

Heavily DeFi integration


Territory Yield: Automatically earn Yield when you own a Territory.
In-Game DEX and Marketplace, Auctions House
Gamified Staking/DeFi Hub.


To create a fully functioned Metaverse, combine a unique gaming experience with the revolutionary mechanism of Blockchain technology.

To transfer the ownership of the in-game digital assets from the hand of the corporations to the hand of the people.

To create a complete in-game Tokenomy that stimulates a real-world economy, with activities that help maintain the instinct value of the in-game asset and generating value for players.

Social Media:
Website: https://tribeland.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tribe_land
Telegram: https://t.me/tribe_land
Docs — https://docs.tribeland.io/#slide
Litepaper — https://litepaper.tribeland.io/



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